Frequently Asked Questions

Answer – All of our orders are mostly dispatched on the same day and are sent via Australia Post or TNT, so the products should be with you within 3 – 4 Days, However, based on demand, occasionally some orders may take up-to 3 weeks to be delivered.

Answer – If you have not received your order after 7 days please contact our staff at and we should be able to track the location of your order.

Answer – Yes all our wall stickers and wallpapers can be used on painted walls. Infact our products can be used on all paint types, even Wash N Wear types.

Answer –  Sorry, this is not something that we currently offer. The stickers will be as shown on our website.

Answer – Yes our removable wall stickers and wallpaper can be used on walls painted in latex paint. Infact our products can be used on all paint types, even Wash N Wear types.

Answer – You can see the pricing in your currency by selecting your currency from the drop down menu on the top of the web site. This will convert all pricing to your currency.

Answer – How long our removable wall stickers and wallpapers can sit “on the shelf” for depends on how the products are kept. As long as the products stay in their containers and are kept dry, we would say they could last a few years.

Answer – Our removable wall sticker material is exactly the same as our removable wallpaper. They are a polyester blend fabric with an adhesive on the back. The product is white to start with, with a matte finish.The adhesive is clear, does not smell and won’t harden over time, so it won’t damage the wall or leave any residue on removal.

Answer – If your product has been lost during shipping, please notify us and we will help you investigate the issue. Lost items are actually the responsibility of the carrier, however we will support you through the situation as best as we can. We are also needed to place enquiries as the “sender”. Please be aware most carriers will not leave a parcel unattended. In most cases a calling card will be left for you to pick-up at a nearby location or provide an option for redelivery.

Answer – We suggested a standard wall preparation for our removable wall stickers and wallpaper.  Apply an undercoat followed by 2 top coats with adequate drying time between coats.  Please allow 4 weeks for the second paint coat to outgas before application.