About Us

Whimsy wall decals is a privately owned company dedicated in providing technology-based print solution and products support services for various education institution & child care services. We are known as the people who produce and deliver high quality innovative solutions for our clients bespoke Design and Print requirements specialised for walls and floors branding.

The value of this innovative thinking reaches beyond those solutions themselves, it touches every aspect of our business, from our talented people and state-of-the-art technology to the relationships we are building with our clients to secure our long-term future, at home and around the globe. Ultimately it creates a service providing the highest level of quality and value from initial Design concepts through the processes of Printing, Finishing, Fulfillment and Delivery all of which are entirely housed at our Sydney factory enabling us to meet those all too important deadlines. We are fortunate to count amongst our clients a number of private homes, Display homes, Child care centres, Government Agencies, Financial Institutions & retail stores as part of our broad based client list. The strength of the working relationship we have with our clients is evidenced through the volume and value of new homes we have won in the year resulting in a marked increase in turnover.

For over 18 years, we’ve catered wall decals, floor graphics for Small private homes, small local businesses to worldwide organizations. Whimsy wall decals now offers a complete in-house solution from print and finishing which means we can meet the vast majority branding of your homes with the flexibility of changing your home interior looks as and when needed for different occasions. Our Team Our long-term production staff are experienced & highly skilled in printing, die cutting & fabric weeding quality to ensure our finished product fills our clients maximum expectation. Removable wall decals can be a complex production process but our team has brought it down to simple user friendly for our clients to install it like a breeze giving you an enjoyable experience.